Meat Ball With Egg Tofu/荷塘月色


1 stick of egg tofu (thin sliced)

1/3 pound of ground pork

1/2 bag of preserved Mustard leaves

1/2 egg white


Mix pork and mustard leaves with 2tbsp of corn starch and 1/2 egg white. Add 1/2 tsp of minced ginger, since the mustard leaves are flavored, just add 2 tbsp of oyster sauce and little bit of chicken powder. Mix the pork and vegetable in one direction for a few minutes, then make a ball out of it. Place the ball on the center of the flat plate and surround it with the thin sliced egg tofu. Steam it over boiling water for about 8-10 minutes or until it is done. In a separated pot add some broth then bring to boil. Add a little bit of salt, chicken powder and white pepper to taste then thicken the sauce with 2 tbsp of starch water. pour the sauce over the pork and tofu.

1 条雞蛋豆腐 (薄切片)
碎豬肉1/3 磅
1/2 袋糟菜
半个 蛋清
混 合豬肉糟菜,2 湯匙的玉米澱粉和 1/2 蛋清。添加 1/2 茶匙的姜茸、糟菜已经有 味道了所有只加入2汤勺蠔油和一點點的雞粉。在一個方向搅拌豬肉和糟菜幾分鐘,然後做成一個球。將球放盘子中央,周圍放上鸡蛋豆腐。在沸水中蒸約 8-10 分鐘,或直到它熟透。在另外的锅中加入一点高汤煮开,加点盐,鸡粉,白胡椒调味,加2勺的水淀粉勾芡一下淋在上面。

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