Wonton Soup/云吞


Here is a link I found online teach you different ways of making wonton. I think it is very helpful.

Here are some of the wonton dishes I made before.

IMG_0354IMG_0398 IMG_0353IMG_0381

1. Smashed shrimp 1 pound, ground pork 1 pound, Scallion 1/2 cup, minced ginger 1/2TBSP, salt 1TSP, oyster sauce 2TBSP
Sugar 1.5TSP, 3TSP soy sauce, chicken powder 1TSP, wine 1TBSP, sesame oil 1TSP, one egg.

2. One pack of wonton skin ( store bought)

Add all the ingredients in part one together and mix well. Make the wontons according to the link provided above.

you can choose wonton with noodles or just simply wonton soup.

In a big cooking wok, bring the water to boil, add the wontons in the water and cook for a few minutes, stir while cooking so they won’t stick to the bottom. When the water is boiling again add a small bowl of cold water.  After it is boiling again cook a few more minutes. You can cook any kind of your favor noodles in the boiling water then serve them with broth. I love to add some seaweed, white rice vinegar and dried tiny shrimps in the wonton soup. Yummy…

1. 虾泥1磅, 猪肉馅1磅, 青葱几根,生姜蓉1/2TBSP,盐1TSP, 耗油2TBSP

糖1.5TSP, 生抽3TSP, 鸡精1TSP, 料酒 1TBSP, 麻油 1TSP,鸡蛋一个。

2.一包的餛飩皮 (店買的)
在 大的鍋中,把水煮沸後,在水中加入餛飩,煮幾分鐘,煮过程中要攪拌所以他們不會粘锅。當水沸騰時再添加一小碗冷水。把水再煮沸後再煮幾分 鐘。您可以加任何一種你喜欢的麵條在開水中煮熟,然後加以肉湯。我喜歡在餛飩湯中添加一些紫菜、 白米醋和小蝦米。美味…

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