Bamboo And Prok Belly In Anka Sauce/红糟笋干炒五花肉


This is a very famous traditional Fujianese dish. You can cook so many things with Anka sauce. Anything that cooks with Anka wine is so flavorful too.

Fat Pork belly ½ pound

Dried bamboo 100g

Anka sauce 3 tbsp.

Soak the dried bamboo in cold water for 2 to 3 days. Change water at least once a day. In summer time leave it in the refrigerator. Wash the bamboo before cook them in the pressure cooker with water. Cook for at least 20 minutes. Leave them in the pressure cooker until it is totally cool down (be careful not to open it when it is still hot).

In a skillet add 2 tbsp of oil then add the fat pork belly and cook for a few minutes until most of fat are out of the pork, add the anka sauce and mix it well with pork at the end add the precooked bamboo and 1/3 cup of water. Add pinches of salt to your taste and cook for a few more minutes with cover on.

Dried bamboo and Anka sauce


This is fresh bamboo cooking in the same way but without pressure cooker/新鲜笋煮的


肥五花肉 ½ 磅

筍乾 100 克

红糟 3 湯匙

筍乾在冷水中浸泡 2 至 3 天。一天至少換水一次。夏天的時候放在冰箱裡。洗干净后用壓力鍋加水煮。蒸汽上了之后再煮 20 分鐘。让它在壓力鍋里直到完全冷下來 (要小心,它還是熱时不要打開)后取出。

在平底鍋中加 2 湯匙油然後加五花肉煮幾分鐘直到大部分油從豬肉 里逼出来、 添加红糟和筍合炒后再加1/3 杯的水,加一点鹽,蓋上盖子煮幾分鐘。

Anka sauce with chicken

Cook the chicken with shiitake mushroom in the similar way with Anka sauce ( with more water so it will be good for noodle soup). In a separated cooking wok, bring the  water to boil then cook the noodles ( any of your favor)  in the water until it is done. Add the noodles to the chicken and broth.

類似的方式煮红糟香菇雞 (加更多的水,可以煮麵 条) 。在另外的鍋里把水煮开,然後煮麵條 (任何一中你喜欢的) 煮好后加到雞肉和肉湯里。

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