Radish Cake/萝卜糕


Radish cake is one of very traditional Chinese new year dishes. It is very easy to make, if you like taro, you can use same  technique to cook taro cake.

Rice flour 1 pound

Corn starch 1/2 pound

Dried shrimp+ dried scallop 1/3 cup

Medium dried mushroom 8 pieces

Chinese sausage 1/2 cup

Chinese preserved pork belly 1/3 cup

Chinese celery 2 cup

Chinese white radish 2.5 pounds

Water 9 cups

Salt 2 tsps

Chicken bouillon 2tsps

white pepper 1/2 tsp

Oil 4 tbsps


Wash dried shrimp, scallop and mushroom then soak in water overnight.

Reserved the water for soaking shrimp, scallop and mushroom.

Cut everything really fine.

Peel the radish, then use a shredder to shred the radish. Squeeze the water out of the radish ( preserve the water for later use)

Add total 9 cups of water to the rice flour and corn starch ( including the water from the radish and the water used to soak seafood and mushroom) and stir until all mix well, add 2 tbsps oil to it.

Add 2 tbsps oil to a hot cooking wok, add the meat to it and sauteed for 2 minutes, then add the shrimp, scallop and mushroom and continue to sauteed for 3 minutes, add the Chinese celery, shredded radish and the rest of spices and continue to cook for 3-4 minute.

Slowly add the flour water mixture to the wok, Turn the heat to medium and continuously stir the mixture, it will be very thin at the beginning, then it will get thicker and thicker.

Turn the heat off when there is no visible liquid.

Add the mixture to 3- 8″ greased cake pans, spread the surface evenly.

Steam them over the boiling water for about 40 minutes or until when you stick a toothpick to the center, no white color batter coming out. (the batter has to be clear, not white color)

When you want to eat the radish cake, pan fry thin slice cakes with medium heat for 2 minutes each side. You can use some oyster sauce for dipping. I love to add some hot sauce for dipping.



玉米淀粉1/2 磅

虾干 + 干贝1/3 杯


中式腊肠1/2 杯

中式腊肉1/3 杯


白萝卜2.5 磅


盐 2 茶勺


白胡椒粉1/2 茶勺



干虾, 干贝和香菇洗干净后浸泡在水中过夜。

预留浸泡虾, 干贝和香菇的水。


萝卜去皮, 然后用切菜器把萝卜削成丝。把萝卜里的水挤出来预留以后用

在面粉和玉米淀粉里加入9杯水(包括泡虾, 干贝和香菇的水,萝卜挤出来的水一共9杯), 搅拌均匀, 加入2汤匙油。

加2汤匙油到一个炒锅里,加入腊肉和香肠炒2分钟, 然后加入虾, 干贝和香菇继续炒3分钟, 加入中芹, 萝卜丝和其余的调料, 并继续炒3-4 分钟。

慢慢地将粉水混合物加入锅中, 把火调小一点, 不停的搅拌, 开始时会很稀, 然后就会变得越来越稠。


将调好的浆糊分到 3个 8 “的烤盘里, 均匀地抹平表面。

在滚水里蒸约40分钟或当你把牙签插入萝卜糕的中心, 没有白颜色面糊出来试就可以了。(必须是透明的, 而不是白色的)


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