Fried Wonton/炸馄饨


4 pieces per serving $1.20 per serving

I love deep fried food like crazy!!! However, I know it is not good for me, so I don’t cook deep fried food as often as I may want to be. Anyway, I recently kept thinking about fried wonton(non stop kind of thinking), so I decided to make fried wonton this weekend. I have recipe before on how to make wonton, and I only substituted the Chinese celery with water chestnut today. I did change the way how to wrap it today so they will look prettier for deep fry, don’t use this method when you make wonton for soup. I also make a few with mozzarella cheese (1:1 ration, half cheese and half meat and shrimp combo). It is so good!

The only thing I would do differently next time is to buy the thick skin for fried wonton, the one I had was the really thin ones. Usually we use thin one for wonton soup and thick one for deep fry, the reason being the thin one get burned too easy. I had to use 2 pieces of wonton skin to make one wonton, and still they look kind of burn.

Serve this fried wonton with the Thai sweet Chili sauce, perfect combination.


我喜欢油炸食品已经到了疯狂的地步!!!不过, 我知道这对我不好, 所以我不经常做。 我最近一直在想吃炸馄饨 (不停的想), 所以我决定这个周末做炸馄饨解馋。我以前有做馄饨的食谱, 我今天用马蹄代替了芹菜。今天我改变了一下包法, 所以他们看起来更漂亮, 你做馄饨汤不要用这种包法 。我还做了一些加了奶酪的 (1:1 比例, 半奶酪和半肉和虾组合)。太好吃了!

下次再做我唯一会改的是买厚皮包油炸馄饨, 我这次用的是很薄的。通常, 我们用薄的包做馄饨汤用厚的包来炸, 原因是薄的太容易焦。我不得不用2块馄饨皮做一个馄饨, 但看起来还是有点焦。

这个炸馄饨配泰式甜辣椒酱, 完美结合。


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