Walnut Shrimp/核桃虾


Jumbo shrimp 1 pound

Walnuts a few pieces

Peel shrimp’s skin and devein. Marinate shrimp with salt, white pepper, sweet potato starch and cooking wine for at least 30 minutes.

Mix mayonnaise and condensed milk (3:1 ratio)

Deep fry shrimp in hot oil for 2,3 minutes or until the color turns pink. Mix shrimps, walnut and sauce.

大蝦 1 磅


蝦去皮去虾线。蝦與鹽、 白胡椒粉、 紅薯澱粉和料酒醃至少 30 分鐘。

混合蛋黃醬和濃縮牛奶 (3: 1 的比率)

熱油中炸蝦2、 3 分鐘或直到顏色變成粉紅色的。混合蝦,核桃和醬汁。

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