Pork Belly Stew/红烧肉


This is one of my favor dishes. Guilty Pleasure!!!!

Pork belly 1lb cut into big chunks
Add pork to cold water and bring it to boil then cook for 3 minutes.
In a really hot non-stick pan add 2 tbsp oil and 3 tbsp rock sugar and cook until sugar melt and turn brown.
Add in big pork chunks and stir-fry until all pork are covered with the melted sugar.
Add 3 tbsp light soy sauce, 1 tbsp dark soy sauce, 2/3 cup cold water, 1 tbsp cooking wine, Star aniseed 2 pieces, one small piece of dried orange peel, 2 slices of ginger, a little bit of white pepper and five spices.
Bring it to boil then turn the heat down to low and cook for 30 minutes. The sauce is very delicious to eat with white rice.

1 磅五花肉切成大塊
將豬肉放入冷水中煮,水开后再煮 3 分鐘。
在非常熱的不粘鍋加 2 湯匙油 3 湯匙冰糖,煮至糖融化,變成黄褐色。
添加 3 湯匙生抽醬油,1 湯匙老抽,2/3 杯水,1 湯匙料酒、 八角 2 粒,陳皮一小块,姜2 小片,一點白胡椒和五香粉。
煮开後轉小火,煮 30 分鐘。醬汁配白米飯是非常好吃的。

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