Oyster Omelet/蚵仔煎



Fresh baby oyster 10-15 pieces

Potato starch 3 TBSP

Water 1/3 cup

Salt a pinch

White pepper pinches


Miso paste: sweet chili sauce: ketchup: water: sugar=1:1:1:2:1

In a small bowl mix the potato starch and water for omelet together

In a hot skillet add 2 TBSP oil then add the oysters and cook about 1 minute or when you see the big water babbles

Pour the starch water in then cover and cook about 2 minutes or until the edge of the omelet turns clear

Add an egg on top of the omelet then use a spoon to break the egg and spread it a little bit, continue to cook it for a minute or so then flip the omelet and cook the other side for 2,3 minutes, fold half of the omelet over to the other side. Add some Taiwanese bay chop on the empty side and cook until they are tender about 2, 3 minutes.

Have vegetable on the bottom of the plate then omelet on top of the vegetable.

In the same skillet pour in the sauce mixture and bring it to boil, and then add starch water to thicken it. Pour the sauce over the omelet.




新鮮的小牡蠣 10-15 只

馬鈴薯粉 3 湯匙

1/3 杯水




味噌醬: 甜辣汁: 番茄醬: 水: 糖 = 1:1:1:2:1


在熱鑊加 2 湯匙油然後加牡蠣煮約 1 分鐘或當你看到大水泡冒起

倒入澱粉水然後蓋过蓋子,煮約 2 分鐘或直到邊緣變成透明状


另一邊再煮 2、 3 分鐘,把一半的蛋餅折疊到另一邊。添加一些臺灣小白菜在 空锅的一邊煮到变软約 2,3 分鐘。




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