Beef with Eggplant Casserole/茄子煲


Eggplant is always one of my favor food. But I don’t really eat very often because if it is not steam in the water, it is usually cooked with a lot of oil. But I just recently learned from 田园时光美食how to cook it delicious but without a lot of oil.

Chinese eggplant 3

Scallion 1

Minced Ginger 1tsp

Minced Garlic 1tbsp

Chili Bamboo a few pieces

Dried mushroom a few pieces

Dried fungus a few pieces

Beef or Chicken breast 4 oz.

Chili bean sauce 1tbsp

Ketchup 1.5tbsps

White pepper powder 1/2tsp

White rice vinegar 2 tbsps

Sugar 1tbsp

Soy sauce 1tbsp

Water ½ cup


Wash dried fungus and mushroom then soak them in water for at least 2 hours. Shred and set aside.

Slice chicken or beef and marinate with salt, chicken powder, cooking wine and little bit of starch.

Rolling cut the eggplants then soak in a big pot of salted cold water for 15-20 minutes.

Drain the water then coat the eggplant with a thin layer of starch.

Heat up one pint of oil in a cooking pan, when the oil is around 170C, deep fry the eggplant in the oil for 1 minute. Divide the eggplant and deep fry them in 2-3 separated times, don’t fry all of them at once, otherwise too much eggplant will bring the oil temperature down and then eggplant will absorb a lot of oil. Also make sure you turn the eggplant to make sure it is cooked.

In the same pan when the oil is not too hot (120C) cook the beef or chicken in the oil until the color of meat turn brown or white around 2-3 minutes. Set aside.

Leave about 3tbsps of oil in the cooking pan and add ginger, garlic and white part of scallion to the pan and stir fry for 1 minute or until it is aromatic.

Add fungus and mushroom and stir fry for another2 minutes

Add chili bean sauce, mix everything together

Add meat and the rest of sauce and mix everything together, then add water and mix again.

Right away pour everything to a casserole pan and continue to cook for about 3-4 minutes.


一直很喜欢吃茄子但因为很多时候要用很多油而让我望而却步。 最近跟 田园时光美食

学了一招没有很多油。 好吃不油!

中國茄子 3条

蔥 1根

姜茸 1 茶匙

蒜茸 1 湯匙




牛肉或雞胸肉4 盎司。

辣豆瓣醬 1 湯匙

番茄醬 1.5湯匙

白胡椒粉 1/2 茶匙

白米醋 2 湯匙

糖 1 湯匙

醬油 1 湯匙



洗干净木耳和蘑菇后泡在水中至少 2 小時。泡软切絲,待用。

雞肉或牛肉切片,用鹽,雞粉、 料酒和一些澱粉醃制。

滾刀切茄子然後浸泡在冷鹽水中 15-20 分鐘。


鍋中加热一品脫油,油大約 170 C时,加入茄子炸 1 分鐘。茄子分2-3 次炸,否則為太多茄子會降低油的溫度造成茄子吸太多的油。

在同一鍋中當油温没有太热时 (大概120 C) 加入牛肉或雞肉直到肉的顏色变褐色或白色大約 2-3 分鐘。撥出备用。

留下3汤勺的油在鍋中加蔥姜、 蒜和葱白炒1 分鐘或直到它香味出来。

加香菇和黑木耳另炒2 分鐘



所有的菜馬上倒入砂鍋中,繼續煮約 3-4 分鐘。

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