Braised Beef Feet Salad/卤牛脚沙拉


About 4 servings, $2.5 per serving

I had never tried beef feet before. One day I saw someone posted a picture of beef feet, and she said it was pretty good. I had always wanted to try beef feet because there are many supermarkets in my neighborhood that sell it. Last weekend I went to a super market and bought 3 pounds of beef feet. Here is how I cook it.

Here is the link how to braise it:


Dark soy sauce 1tbsp

Light soy sauce 1tbsp

Water 6 tbsps

Shallot oil 1tsp

Sugar 1tsp

Minced garlic 1 clove

Scallion 1tbsp

Cilantro 2 tbsps

Hot oil 1tsp

Red chili pepper 1/2 tsp

Mix everything for sauce together

After I braise the beef feet, let cool for a hour or so. Cut the meat off the bone. ( I also braised one piece of beef shank). Keep the meat in the fridge over night. The next day cut the beef feet into smaller pieces, and the shank thin slices. Add the sauce to it, it is a cold dish if you eat it this way. If you like to eat them hot, then you don’t need any more sauce. I also added a few pieces of baby cucumber to it to get the different texture to this dish.

Beef feet have a lot of collagen because of all the hamstring, it is very good for skin, so It is my new favorite now.


我以前从没试过牛蹄。有一天, 我看到有人张贴了一张煮牛蹄的照片, 她还说这个相当不错。我其实也一直想尝尝牛蹄的味道因为我家附近有很多超市都有卖。上个周末, 我去买了3磅牛蹄回家。












红辣椒油1/2 茶匙


在我卤好牛肉后, 放凉一小时左右。把肉从骨头上切下来。(我也卤了一条牛肉腱)。把肉放在冰箱里过夜。第二天把牛蹄切成小块, 牛腱薄切片。把调味汁浇上去就好了,这么吃这是一个冷盘。如果你喜欢吃热的, 那么你就不需要加调味汁了。我还加了一些小黄瓜来调一下不同的口感。

牛蹄有很多的胶原蛋白, 因为它有很多筋, 是美肤圣品, 现在它是我的新欢。

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