Chinese Baby Clams With Black Bean Sauce/豆豉蛤蜊


3 servings $2.75 per serving

Clam is one of my favorite foods. Every time when I go back to China, I will make sure I eat tons and tons of them. It is kind of expensive in the US, so we don’t buy it very often. My mother bought it today because I was working so hard to make her birthday cake last weekend. Love.

Clam 1 pound

Garlic 1 clove

Scallion 3 tbsps

Shallot 1 small clove

Chinese salty black bean 1tbsp

Soy sauce 2tsps

Oyster sauce 1 tsp

Chinese cooking wine 1tbsp

Add 1tbsp oil to a hot skillet, add black bean, minced garlic, white part of scallion and shallot to the oil and stir fry for 10-15 seconds.

Add clams to the skillet and continue to stir fry for a minutes or so.

Add all the sauces to the skillet alone with 3 tbsps water. Cover and cook until all the clams open up about 2 more minutes.

Add a few tbsps starch water to thicken the sauce. Add the green part of scallion to garnish the dish.


蛤蜊是我最喜欢的食物之一。每次我回到中国, 我都会确保我吃到饱。在美国蛤蜊有点小贵, 所以我们不常买。我妈妈今天买了一磅因为上周末我很努力的做她的生日蛋糕。









将1汤匙 油加到热锅中, 加入豆豉、蒜茸、红葱头和葱白色到油中炒10-15 秒。

在煎锅里加入蛤蜊, 并继续炒一分钟左右。

把所有的调味料加到锅里, 外加3汤匙水。加盖煮约2分钟或直到所有蛤蜊都开了。

加入一些淀粉水勾芡, 使酱汁变稠。加葱花部分来装饰盘子。

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