Seafood Rice Cake/海鲜炒年糕


Rice cake 125g

1 Crab

Squid 3,4 pieces

Jumbo shrimp 3 pieces

1 scallion

One small piece of ginger

Green Chinese vegetable 1 cup

Cut crab into small pieces. Devein the shrimps and marinate with little salt, white pepper, cooking wine and sweet potato starch.

In a saucepan bring a few cups of water to boil, then add the vegetable and cook for 1 minute then rinse with cold water.

Add the rice cake in the boiling water and cook for 4 minutes or until they are tender enough for you. Take them out of hot water and set aside.

Add the shrimps into the boiling water until the shrimps turn pink, take the shrimps out of water right away.

Same for the squid, cook in boiling water for one minute and take them out right away.

Heat up a skillet then add 2 TBSP vegetable oil stir fry the shredded ginger and crab for about 3 minutes.

Add in the white part of scallion then vegetable and sautéed with crab for 2 minutes, and then add the rest of ingredients alone with 1.5 TBSP oyster sauce, 2 TBSP cooking wine, 1/4TSP chicken powder and a little bit of white pepper.

Pour a few drops of sesame oil and add the green part of scallion at the end.

Below is my favor rice cake, unlike the Korean rice cake which is too chewy or other brand of Chinese rice cake which is too mushy, this brand has the just right texture for me. Love it.


年糕 片125 克

1 只蟹

3,4 片 魷魚片

去壳大蝦 3 只

1 只蔥


中國綠色蔬菜 1杯。

蟹切成小塊。蝦仁去虾线加鹽、 白胡椒粉和,料酒和红薯澱粉醃一下。

在一鍋裡煮开幾杯水,然後加入蔬菜煮 1 分鐘後用冷水沖洗。

在滚水中加年糕煮4 分鐘或直到他們变软。捞出,待用。



燒熱油鍋,然後加入 2 湯匙植物油炒姜絲和蟹約 3 分鐘。

加蔥白然後蔬菜和蟹一起炒2 分鐘,然後添加1.5 湯匙蠔油,2 湯匙料酒、 1/4 茶匙雞粉,一點點的白胡椒与所有其他材料全部一起炒。



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