Squirrel Fish/松鼠鱼



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One weever 1.5 pounds

Peas and carrots 3 tbsps

Pine nuts 2 tbsps

Ketchup 6tbsps

Water 6 tbsps

sugar 2.5 tbsps

Vinegar 3 tbsps

Soy sauce 1.5 tbsps

Cut the fish head off, slice each side of the fish from the head down to the tail. Make sure the fish is still connected at the end of the fish tail. Cut the fish bone off  and leave only the 2 pieces boneless flesh as shown below.

WeChat Image_20180216153430

Cut the fish flesh superficially in a pattern of squares horizontally and vertically.


Wrap the fish and fish head with a lot of Sweet potatoes starch, make sure even the gap between the cut need to be covered by starch. Shake off the excess starch, then deep fry fish in hot oil about 180C degree for a few minutes or until it is golden brown.

Leave about 2 tbsps oil in the cook pan, add ketchup to it first and cook for a minute then add the rest of spices, sauce, water and peas and carrot to it. Add a little bit of starch water to thicken it up a bit then pour over the fish. Decorate the finished product with pine nuts.



一条鲈鱼1.5 磅





糖2.5 汤匙


酱油1.5 汤匙

把鱼头切下来, 把鱼从每一侧从头向下片到尾部。确保鱼尾的末端仍然连着。切下鱼骨, 只留下2块无骨的肉, 如下所示。

WeChat Image_20180216153430

鱼肉切花刀, 加淀薯粉把鱼裹上粉,连缝隙都要裹上粉。鱼头也裹粉。

把鱼身上的多余粉抖掉,放入7,8成热的油中炸几分钟。 鱼头也炸熟。



锅里留2汤勺的油加入番茄酱炒一下在加入其他的酱汁,水,青红豆。 加点淀粉水勾个薄芡淋在鱼上。 撒上松子点缀。

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